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Trial and operation of the blow molding machine

After the installation and handover of the blow molding machine finish, trial may be carried out. The steps of trial are as followed.
(1)Set initially the temperature at various heating zone according to the requirement of the molding process of the plastic used. When the actual temperature is higher than the set temperature, the corresponding fan should be immediately started to cool it down.
(2)Close the safety door, turn the Emergency Button out, and activate the oil pump. Please observe if the rotating direction of either of the two motors is in accordance with the direction indicated. If it isn’t, please exchange at random any two cables in the power supply (operate only when it is powered off. Don’t change the cable connection in the power distribution box);
(3)When the motor is activated, please observe carefully if there is strange noise, smell, leak etc. if there is, please handle it immediately and then do the next operation.
(4)The manual actions and trial

blow molding machine

blow molding machine

Note: (a) When the temperature of the hopper and extrusion head doesn’t reach the set temperature, it is forbidden to do any operation like injection, plasticizing, and extraction. Although this machine is equipped with cold-start-prevention function, wrong setting of the temperature (too low) will damage the blow molding machine. So please operate with discretion.
(b) Please use the manual switches to trial the action of each part of the blow molding machine one by one to determine the pressure and speed of each action and the transition position of the linear position sensor to obtain the best effect (the majority of the data and position have been adjusted before delivering. Please adjust with discretion).
(c) In order to avoid error operation which may damage the blow molding machine machine and mold, only when the die is open, the injection can be started and only when the die is closed, the extraction can be started. Please pay much attention to the following points when adjusting the machine.
(d) Check whether each action finishes its stroke or not and note the duration of the action. Please note the relevant instruction of the warning information.
(5)After the hopper and the extrusion head reach its set temperature, actions like injection, plasticizing, extraction can be trialed.
(6)Trial of AUTO mode. AUTO mode requires an initial status. The conditions of the status are:
Unclamping stops.
The decline of the blow nozzle stops.
The safety door is closed.
The die is sealed and plasticizing stops.