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The Working Principle Of Bestar Blow Molding Machine Extrusion System

Bestar extrusion system,is a blow molding machine system components,it is the most basic and key part of blow molding . Bestar extrusion system is mainly composed of extrusion mechanism. Through the heater extrusion machine.Make extrusion machine machine tube granule or powder in the plastic melt to half the melt state, and then with the help of machine barrel screw,drive the half melt state of plastic melt to the front of extrusion machine die head.The two sides of extruder are driving machine and die head .
Suzhou Bestar Blow Molding Technology Co.,LTD can offer customized solution for customers.In the process of plastic meltting, you can add additives according to your requirement, such as masterbatch and antiaging agent.

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Bestar extrusion process can be divided into two stages.First of all, the machine needs preheating before start the extruder, completely rely on the power to make plastic melt, After starting the extruder, electric heater is stopped.Then heat come from the screw inside the barrel .Threads of the screw is not homogeneous structure, and the depth of the screw is from deep to shallow from the root to the head, When the crew rotates, screw spacing is becoming smaller, The raw material move towards, the space is more and more small,The raw material will be pressed more and more tight.Intense friction occurs between plastic pellet and powder, They destroy the relationship between molecular group.After the damage, released energy charge melting materials,There is a fan to reduce heat.In fact after extrusion machine starts, only the fan works.The fan work and stop to let the temperature stay suitable for the machine . After the raw materials out of the base part it will go into the die head to start blowing.