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The Use of Plastic Bottles Promotes the Development of Multi-layer Blow Molding Machines

Due to the characteristics of plastic bottles that are not easily broken, low in cost, and food-grade raw materials, they are increasingly used in the packaging of various products, and the widespread use of plastic bottles has also promoted the development of the blow molding machine. In the domestic market, there are also some companies like this. Such as SuZhou Bestar Blow Molding Machinery Co.,Ltd,this company is one of the manufacturers of blow molding machines with strong development momentum in recent years. Its intelligent, low energy consumption and high output characteristics are unique and easy to operate. It is very suitable for the automatic production of small plastic bottles from 50 ml to 30 liters.

Multi-layer Blow Molding Machines

Multi-layer co-extruded hollow plastic blow molding machine is a weak link in the field of extrusion blow molding hollow plastic molding machine in China. The development of multi-layer co-extruded hollow articles has facilitated the development of multilayer co-extruded hollow plastic molding machines. The proportion of multi-layer blown high barrier hollow products in the field of hollow products is also increasing. Multi-layer blow molding machine products are not only growing rapidly in the food packaging industry, but also growing rapidly in chemicals, cosmetics, medical and other industrial packaging.

In recent years, the development of such hollow plastic molding machines has been rapid, and technological progress has been rapid. Suzhou Bestar adopts a unique multi-layer co-extrusion die with a heart-shaped flow channel. The product is smooth and has no dead ends. It can quickly change color, and the maximum can be 6 layers of co-extrusion.