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The Function Of PLC And PC In BESTAR Blow Molding Machine

The function of PLC and PC in BESTAR blow molding machine
(1) Switch quantity, simulation quantity:the related logical control about temperature, pressure, flow control, oil pump, valve.
(2) The timing function: Blow and exhaust gas,the time knocking out some action , how much time delay, all controlled through the inside timer.
(3) Technical features: some rotation need to know the position, we can know it by sending pulse encoder.
(4) Process control function: This is normal PLC can’t do, Bestar blow molding machine machinery use the high-end PLC and PC and can do some analog also can analog to the some contact changes (temperature, pressure, flow) do change control.For the temperature and wall thickness control,we can use the programmable computer control for the whole process of pressure and flow rate calculation .To achieve maximum energy saving, quantitative pump speed can satisfy the current speed.
(5) Position control: This is the positioning control, including absolute and relative positioning control.It can be single shaft axis positioning control.Such as servo motor, fixed, the interaction of several axis machining center can be controlled by a system for positioning.
(6) Sequence control: When finish this step then go to the next step, some equipment is very strict with the process steps
(7) Data processing: Make analysis and judgment based on the data.