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The Difference Between Automatic Blow Molding Machine and Semi-automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

For many new entrants into the plastic bottle industry, there is a lot to learn before purchasing a blow molding machine.And you need to buy it according to your needs.
Is a semi-automatic bottle blowing machine different from full automatic bottle blowing machine?
You need to cut the scrap manually if use semi-automatic bottle blowing machine.

Automatic Blow Molding Machine
Bestar blow molding machine is automatic and can get the product directly .That means saving labor.In the same energy consumption, energy efficiency is better.The product quality is good, the bottle mouth is flat.The upper cover will not appear in the case of overflow and will improve the qualified rate of the products.
If there is a small demand for customer products,we suggest to choose small machine..Bestar will send professional commissioning workers to help you to install and test the machine ,as well as training your workers.
If your hollow plastic products are in high demand, then fully automatic blow molding machine will be your best choice.,This equipment has high efficiency and can save labor . Only need one person to handle it.
All in all, If you want to make laundry detergent bottle ,jerry can , urea barrel, milk bottle ,medicine bottle and health food bottles, Suzhou Bestar blow molding technology co., LTD will be your best choice.