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The Development Trend of the Blow Molding Machine Industry

The blow molding machine manufacturing industry is the foundation for the country to establish an independent industrial system and is also the pillar industry of Chinese national economy. When the national economy enters the stage of appropriate adjustment and rational return, some macro-control policies have led to aggravation between the market demand for machinery products and the expected sales targets of enterprises, which has led to fierce market competition. In particular, in recent years, the production capacity growth rate in the industry has been too fast. The escalating sales methods or excessive marketing overdrafted some market demand, and even the phenomenon of unfair operation has occurred frequently, which has disrupted the market order.

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How to promote the normal growth rate of the blow molding machine industry and gradually return to a stable development state?
First of all, we must avoid the old road of homogenization competition, promote the differentiated competition strategy from the perspective of users, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. Bestar Machinery automatic high-end blow molding machine, fast speed, high output, and can be “tailor-made” models for customers.
Secondly, it is necessary to introduce advanced technology levels, step up the scale expansion of enterprises and the cultivation of talents, and narrow the gap with advanced countries.