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The development of China’s plastic machinery industry is attracting global attention

The development of China presses is causing the world’s special attention, because China’s annual output of plastic machinery ranked first in the world press machine market has underestimated the significant impact; Increasing the total value of exports, so that the global market structure of the presses took place a new change; Third, because China’s presses obvious product advantages,Not only the quality of products at ease, but also cost-effective in foreign markets with considerable competitiveness; Fourth, because the development of China’s presses that the world peer exclaimed, and industrial restructuring speed, product quality, A broader field, a higher level of participation in international competition.

For plastic bottles with plastic barrels, in fact, there is no very strict boundaries. The biggest difference between the two is the capacity. 1L under the general term for the plastic bottle, 5L or more as plastic barrels. 1-5 is often called between the plastic bottle called plastic drum. However, for manufacturers, plastic bottles and plastic drum on the production enterprises have a more significant difference.

Plastic bucket manufacturers generally do not do plastic bottles, and plastic bottle manufacturers are also generally concentrated in the bottle production. This is mainly because the production of bottles for the main blow molding machines, plastic bucket Zeyi blow molding machine-based, in the machine structure is quite different.

Blow molding machine industry, the new trend of fully automated highlight

Blow molding machine market is fully into the automation era, with the downstream market transformation and upgrading, as well as higher and higher labor costs. Automation, integration of the blow molding machine has become the first choice for many manufacturers. This forced the blow molding machine manufacturers have also started to find ways to give up the traditional product type, the main blow molding machine market.The production of automatic blow molding machine for manufacturers need to have a strong R \u0026 D strength, need to have more experience. Which makes some small blow molding machine manufacturers seem powerless. Blowing machine production than foreign enterprises have a certain gap between the technology, which has a slow start with the domestic press industry has a great relationship, only focus on design, manufacturing, testing, installation, commissioning, service and so the whole process, in line with National production standards, improve the domestic industry presses the production process.

Automatic blow molding machine in the entire production process does not require manual participation, basically to achieve the automated production, automatic blow molding machine using intelligent control system, so to ensure production efficiency, the use of automatic feed, preform blank The body part of the heating and softening, in order to maintain the shape of the bottle, the preform mouth is not heated, and therefore requires a certain cooling device for cooling operation.Because of this feature, many PET packaging companies choose to buy fully automatic blow molding machine, to achieve the purpose of continuous production.Moreover, many PET packaging enterprises choose to buy fully automatic blow molding machine, to achieve the purpose of continuous production. In fact, in addition to the surface factors, automatic blow molding machine also has an automatic reporting barrier function, when the operation error, the machine program will display and issue the corresponding alarm sound; mold replacement is very convenient, in the corresponding machine capacity within the scope of no need to adjust the capacity Mold thickness. In addition to the above points, it also has other advantages, not listed here.
Although the development of automatic blow molding machine is very fierce, but there are still some problems, but also faced with market opportunities and challenges. Blow molding machine manufacturers need to continue to invest in R \u0026 D costs, develop new products, for some old machines, to properly adjust the product structure, eliminate low productivity, high energy consumption, product lag models.From the current beverage packaging industry point of view, in the juice, functional drinks, tea, bottled water and carbonated drinks and other products, while also gradually to low-sugar or sugar-free beverages and pure natural, dairy and other health The direction of the beverage over, then, blowing machine industry must also to the green, profit compression, brand sales, quality and efficient, low energy consumption industry standards change.This will be the inevitable trend of the development of PET packaging industry, blowing machine manufacturers must make a corresponding change in advance to adapt to market development, who can continue to meet the needs of PET packaging business, who will be in the blow molding machine industry invincible , And even out of the country, and international brands compete.

Bottle blowing machine

Blow molding machine industry to the high-end level

Blow molding machine since the rapid development since the adoption of all walks of life, thanks to its long life, the larger clamping force, oil-free airbag lock technology and elbow into the force into less, and more stringent and convenient sealing technology and More easy to operate, more reliable PLC material touch screen’s distinctive features and highlights.Through the industry dynamics of an overall analysis, we can more clearly understand the blow molding machine industry, the direction of development.
Innovation is the eternal power of sustainable development, plastic blown film machine manufacturers understand the meaning of innovation, not only refers to technology and product innovation, but also contains management, system and corporate culture, a broader, deeper meaning. In the market demand structure and the macroeconomic environment have undergone significant changes in the background, plastic blown film manufacturers continue to innovate and new look into a new stage of development, production more in line with market demand for products.
The scope of application of film blowing machine is mainly based on its different materials, such as PP film blowing machine for a variety of films produced in the supermarket shopping bags, bags and other hardness relatively large tensile and brightness requirements are not high Of the bag, and high-pressure PE blowing out of the film is suitable for a variety of preservation bags, back to the film for a variety of garbage bags, etc., blown film machine is widely used in various industries.
Currently popular packaging on the market mainly in plastic, paper-based, plastic blown film-based blow molding industry in the market a larger proportion, but with the increasingly stringent requirements of the paper industry, environmental protection and energy saving of the new Indicators to improve the threshold of the paper industry, resulting in paper packaging market costs, prices. Which makes the plastic packaging in the market share of a corresponding increase to stimulate the blown film machine manufacturing machinery industry, while environmental protection and energy saving technology in the blown film machine machinery industry has been attention to promote the blown film machine to the high-end level.
Today, China is the world’s second largest country of plastic consumption, plastic machinery production and social ownership are ranked first in the world, but as many as 1.3 billion population in China, China’s average annual consumption of plastic per person is still at a very low level, which A huge contrast of both the situation in China’s plastics industry has made great achievements, but also indicates that the future development of China’s plastic raw materials industry and plastic machinery industry is still vast space and bright prospects.