Suzhou Bestar blow molding machinery a high-quality equipment suppliers and manufacturers.To provide you with extrusion blow molding/blow molding machine/automatic blow molding machine.


Die Head

Precise and accurate die head design-streamline, no blind angle and faster color change;
Lower back pressure, extending service time of extruder unit and gear box;
Multi-cavity flow channel, easy to control flow;
Multi-layer extrusion die head with heart curve;
Single layer die head with offset spider;
View stripe on die heads at request.

Extrusion Unit

With world famous gear box brand—reliability, lower noise and high efficiency;
Technology of grooved barrel and barrier screw— well and high plasticization;
Extrusion screw of high quality alloy steel— hard surface & long time for use;
Strong adaptability to materials, such as PE, PP, PC, PA, PVC, PETG, EVOH……
Max.plasticizing captivity is based on 30%regrind material and 70%virgin materia

Multi-cavity Blow Molding Technology

Bestar blow molding machine has multi-cavity blow molding technology, It can meet large demands for plastic container products ,as well as saving a lot of raw material costs for container packaging enterprises.

In Mould Labeling System

Bestar extrusion blow molding machinery company is specialized in producing high-speed,high-efficient multi-layer,multi-cavities extrusion blow molding machine.

Oblique Blow Molding Technology

The products can incline up to 45 degrees based on the using method of the container

Multi-layer with View Stripe Blow Molding Machine

Multi-layer with view stripe blow molding machine (virgin material in outer layer and recycled material in middle layer)can save a lot of packaging cost for plastic container packaging enterprises ,while don’t change the quality of plastic containers …

Hydraulic Unit

The hydraulic unit is driven by servo variable speed pump. It provides higher efficiency and save 40% of energy;
Specially designed hydraulic unit, with less load and heating, energy saving;
Bosch Rexroth valve, quick response and high accuracy;
Stable operating system, PLC automatically control oil temperature;
Oil absorbing and returning filters to keep oil clean and protect hydraulic unit, extending service time of oil and related parts.


Servo Motor Driven, Smooth and Fast;
Perfect combination between the design of robot arm and conveyor, reasonable layout, space saving;
Labor cost reduced.

Electrical Cabinet

Separate cabinet for heavy and light current;
Isolation transformer protects PLC from damage caused by short circuit;
Embedded industrial air conditioner guarantees normal working of control system under terrible circumstance.

Control System

Austrian B&R control system with PLC control, convenient to check or adjust temperature, speed and time, etc;
10.4"TFT displayer with clear definition, easy for data storage and adjustment;
Embedded 100-point parison control system, well-distributed thickness and cost saving;
Fault diagnosis and alarms automatically are displayed on screen. Analyze and correct parameters by ADSL connection.

Deflashing Unit

Top punching devices for neck, shoulder and handle with electro pneumatic control, including electro pneumatic control for cooling of flash and blowing away;
Bottom punching devices include counter support pneumatically spring loaded with electro pneumatic control. Driven by pneumatic cylinder;
Vertical adjustment for different article length.

Blowing Mould

Professional design, automatic deflashing function for all the moulds;
Careful selection of imported high quality mould steel, fast cooling period and long usage life.