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Stacking Barrel Blow Molding Machine
Stacking barrel blow molding equipment

Stacking Barrel Blow Molding Machine Introduction:

Stacking barrel blow molding machine can produce hollow products up to 20L. The production range can be from 10L to 20L. The die head is designed for continuous type to ensure production efficiency. At the same time, the machine can also be designed as single station or double station. The double-station design can produce two products at the same time. Can meet the high demand of customers for output.

Advantages of Stacking Barrel Blow Molding Machine :

1. The whole machine adopts automatic cutting flash mold, no need to cut side scrap, integral molding,saving in labor, and the production efficiency is high.
2. The equipment can adopt the edge material automatic recovery system, automatic trimming, automatic crushing and reuse. Realize the full automation of the product.
3. The machine can be designed as a single station,but also can design as double station to improve production efficiency.
4. The machine can be designed as a single die head or a double die head. The mold can also be designed as a single cavity or a multi-cavity mold accordingly.
5. Machine hydraulic system: The machine adopts a servo hydraulic system, which can accurately control the pressure and flow according to the actual movement of the machine, and has low energy consumption.

Stacking barrel blow molding equipment
6. Mold clamping system: HIWIN high-precision guide rails are used to ensure platen move quickly. Independent research and development of the oil cylinder, large clamping force, blessing with servo hydraulic system, fast clamping and high precision.
7. Die head: adopts first-in, first-out continuous die head design, using 42Cr nitriding material. Has the advantage of fast color change.
8. Wall thickness control system: 100-point MOOG controller is adopted, with high precision and uniform wall thickness.
9. Electronic control system: Siemens or Mitsubishi can be selected according to customer needs. All international brands, guaranteed after sale.
10. Extrusion system: The screw with high plasticizing ratio is used to ensure sufficient extrusion volume to ensure production efficiency.
11. Extrusion motor: Stacking barrel blow molding equipment adopts German original Siemens motor and frequency converter, which can adapt to various countries and regions.
12. Pneumatic system; using double blowing system, fast exchange of hot and cold air flow, can ensure rapid product forming.

Stacking Barrel Blow Molding Machine Parameter:

Model B25S-750
Clamping force 250kN
Hydraulic power 22kW
Platen opening stroke 500-1000mm
Toggle Stroke 750mm
Dry cycle time 6.2S
Mold size Max.W:740mm
Extruder drive form AC frequency drive
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Air Pressure 6-10bar
Air consumption about120m3/h
Machine overall dimensions (length x width x height) 7500x3500x4200mm
Machine weight about20Tons
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