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Monolayer B20D-900 Sauce Bottle Extrusion Blow Molding Machine (Two Stations Four Die Heads)

B20D-900 Sauce Bottle Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Main Features:
The Bestar extrusion blow molding machine module is the core components of plastic molting part which adopts the German technology. Different models type is available according to customers’ requirements, such as E60/25, E70/25, E80/25 etc. The extruders has improved output with grooved feed section and forced cooling method;

barrel with ceramic heating ring with strong fan for cooling,

thus ensuring the effective control of the temperature of each segment; the hardened gear box ensures long service life;

the entire extrusion machine components are installed on the supporting platform,

which is adjustable in order to suit for different die heads.

The basic parameters, with following main features:
1.The screw and the rubber tube are made of high grade nitrated steel, with features as high strength, high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance;
2.Adopt with variable frequency drive motor drive;
3.Forced cooling of the slotting feeding section4.PPC controls temperature;
5.Scientific and advanced screw design can ensure the uniformity of plastic melt and stable extrusion output
6.Screw and screw head suitable for all kinds of commonly used thermoplastic, such as HDPE, PE, PP, PETG, PA, PC and EVOH, etc.

Bestar blow molding technology Co., Ltd., is professional Hi-Tech machinery producer of blow molding machine.

Bestar blow molding machine with excellent processing machines and strict quality control system,

also provides blow molding project-solution with customers via advanced techniques, well-performed machines and good after-sales services.

This sauce bottle blow molding machine machine can provide you with food and beverage packaging bottle blow molding machine .

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