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Safety warning plates

In order to remind the operators of the operation safety when the blow molding machine  is running, a variety of warning plates should be stuck to the machine where special cautions should be taken. Please read these plates carefully

Warning: During operation, please follow the instructions stated on the warning plates stuck to the machine and the instructions stated in the manual.

Note: If the warning plates are damaged or missing, please stick new plates on the machine according to the safety drawings.

Figure1-1 Electric shock warning plate

Figure1-2 Rotating fingers warning plate

Figure1-3 Curling fingers warning plate

Figure1-4 Clamping hands warning plate

Figure1-5 Label of hands cut danger

Figure1-6 Dangerous zone plate

Figure1-7 Crushing warning plate

Figure1-8 Never hands inside warning plate

Figure1-9 Never opening warning plate

Figure1-11 STEP ON plate

Figure1-12 High temperature warning plate

Figure1-13 Electric shocking warning plate

Figure1-14 Never operating warning plate

Figure1-15 Avoid falling warning plate

Figure1-16 Do not touch plate

Figure1-17 Rotating and cutting hand warning plate

Figure1-18 Reading operating manual warning plate

Figure1-19 Emergency Stop plate

Figure1-20 Add lubricating oil regularly plate

Figure1-21 Add butter regularly labeling