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Monolayer B15D-560 Plastic Bottle Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine(Two Stations One Die Head)

Main Features Of Plastic Bottle Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

Bestar plastic blow moulding machinery company is specialized in producing high-speed,high-efficient multi layer multi cavitites extrusion blow moulding machine.
The development of Plastic Bottle Blow Moulding Machine is for the purpose of producing from 50ml to 30liter the industries scope are Daily chemical,laundry detergent, lubricant, pharmaceutical pesticide, chemical stacking barrels, shaped engineering etc. and it is capable to be configurated with multiple die heads,multi layer especially suitable for massive production bottle with mutli layer such as EVOH,Nylon and up to 6 layers.
This sauce plastic bottle blow moulding machine can provide you with food and beverage packaging bottle blow molding machine.Series blow moulding machine can blow moulding: milk bottles,yogurt bottle, juice bottles,edible oil bottle,soy sauce pot,oil pot,motor oil bottle and engine oil bottles etc.

Professional design, automatic deflashing function for all the moulds Careful selection of imported high quality mould steel, fast cooling period and long usage life. Separate cabinet for heavy and light current Isolation transformer protects PLC from damage caused by short circuit Embedded industrial air conditioner guarantees normal working of control system under terrible circumstance.
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