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Pharmaceutical Bottle Blowing Machine B10D-560 (2 Stations 4 Die Heads)

B10D-560 Pharmaceutical Bottle Blowing Machine (2 Stations 4 Die Heads) Main Features:

Suzhou Bestar B10D-560 pharmaceutical bottle blowing machine equipped with excellent precise processing and strict QC system in manufacturing soy sauce  bottle blowing molding machine. Also, Bestar provides blow molding project-solution with providing high-end fast speed blow molding technology and best after-sales services.

With the improvement of people’s living standards:

The market demand for beverages is also increasing, and the quality of products has become a concern for manufacturers and consumers.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the increasing demand for healthy, green and nutritious food.

Food and beverage manufacturers are faced with the challenge of how to improve product quality:

Meet increasingly stringent industry specifications, increase production capacity, optimize enterprise production processes, and shorten product launches.

Time, reduce the production and operating costs of enterprises and many other issues.

The use of modern automatic control and management information systems to improve the level of enterprise information management is the way to effectively solve the above problems.

Our blow molding machine advantages which are:
1.Unique extrusion die heads that produce canisters extremely elegant and luxury.
2.Fast cycle time provide more productions.
3.The canisters weight are extremely stable.For example;5liters canister weight is 250g(+/-5gram) and 20liters canister weight 1000g(+/-10gram).
4.High-efficient Energy saving solution.
5.The multilayer coextrusion up to 6layers.
6.Soy sauce bottle blow molding machine line capacity minimization solution for more compact customers’ plant arrangements.
7.Fully automatic user friendly machine control system.

Our clients are:
Unilever,Reckitt Benckiser,Zwitsal,Syngenta,Bayer,BASF,Heinz Group,Brighlight,Castrol,TOTAL,SHELL etc.

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