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Notes before using the blow molding machine

Notes before using the blow molding machine
Please use proper hydraulic oil (viscosity 46 ± 4.6Csi). Before using the machine, fill the oil until the oil level is above the specified scale.

The voltage of the power supply should be within the range of ±10% of the voltage stated on the nameplate of the machine.

The frequency should be within the range of ±10% of the frequency stated on the nameplate of the blow molding machine.


The working temperature of electrical devices is between 5°C and 40°C.

The electrical devices work at the highest temperature of 40°C and relative humidity of 50%RH. If the temperature is comparatively low, higher relative humidity is allowed, for example, when the temperature is 20°C, the humidity can be 90%RH.

All the spare parts for the machine are specially designed and produced for this machine only. They can definitely not be used for other purposes.