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Main parameters of the blow molding machine

The BESTAR B10D-480 blow molding machine is composed of clamping & unclamping unit, die-head unit, plasticization unit, and hydraulic control unit, electric control unit. The machine is an automatic, high speed blow molding machine. Integrating mechanism, electricity and hydraulics, the machine is ideal equipment for producing vessels. Main parameters of the machine are as followed.

  • Extrusion unit parameters
No. Item Unit parameter
1 Screw diameter mm 60
2 Screw length and diameter ratio L/D 25 : 1
3 Drive power kW 30
4 Screw speed rpm 0~90


5 *Max. plasticizing capacity kg/h 90

* Max. plasticizing capacity is based on 30% regrind material and 70% virgin material. More details about BESTAR extrusion units please see Appendix sheet 2-1.

 Shifting & clamping unit parameters

No. Item Unit Parameter
1 Clamping force kN 100
2 Carriage stroke mm 480
3 Min. mold thickness mm 220
4 Daylight between platens mm 220-500