Suzhou Bestar blow molding machinery a high-quality equipment suppliers and manufacturers.To provide you with extrusion blow molding/blow molding machine/automatic blow molding machine.

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Lubricant Oil Bottle Blow Molding Machine
Lubricant Oil Bottle Blow Molding Machine-2

Main Features:

Suzhou Bestar blow molding machinery company equipped with excellent precise processing and strict QC system in manufacturing Soy Sauce Bottle Blow Molding Machine. Also, Bestar provides blow molding project-solution with providing high-end fast speed blow molding technology and best after-sales services.

Our Blow Molding Machine advantages which are:
1.Unique extrusion die heads that produce canisters extremely elegant and luxury.
2.Fast cycle time provide more productions.
3.The canisters weight are extremely stable.For example;5liters canister weight is 250g(+/-5gram) and 20liters canister weight 1000g(+/-10gram).
4.High-efficient Energy saving solution.
5.The multilayer coextrusion up to 6layers.
6.Soy Sauce Bottle Blow Molding Machine line capacity minimization solution for more compact customers’ plant arrangements.
7.Fully automatic user friendly machine control system.

Lubricant Oil Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Our clients are:
Unilever,Reckitt Benckiser,Zwitsal,Syngenta,Bayer,BASF,Heinz Group,Brighlight,Castrol,TOTAL,SHELL etc.

The Bestar extrusion blow molding machine module is the core components of plastic molting part which adopts the German technology.

Bestar lubricant oil bottle blow molding machine provide you the best blow molding solution for lubricant oil bottle, motor oil bottle, engine oil bottle, machine oil bottle and additive packaging.The plastic molding volume is from 0.3liter to 30lit.

Lubricant Oil Bottle Blow Molding Machine-1

Blow Molding Machine:

Electric-heated Hot Cutter for cutting the parison with micro adjustment ,more accurate in blowing and reduce the scrap material percentage.
Copper bush using for all the toggle parts,less friction heat comes and longer life.
Air filter for water and oil,protect the pheumatic cylinder
Suitable for making plastic products for 3 layer 4L lubricant oil can
Die Head is torpedo design with special flow channel for swift and complete mergence of plastic material inside and to provide better plasticized feature.

Use in Lubricant Oil Blow Molding Machine
Clamping force 150kN
Hydraulic power 22kW
Platen opening stroke 220-500mm
Toggle Stroke 560mm
Dry cycle time 2.8S
Mold size Max.W:550mm
Extruder drive form AC frequency drive
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Air Pressure 6-10bar
Air consumption about120m3/h
Machine overall dimensions (length x width x height) 5400x4650x3500mm
Machine weight about15Tons
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