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Installation of the blow molding machine

Installation of the blow molding  machine

Please setup the machine according to the foundation installation drawing and the lay-out drawing. In order to make the operating and maintenance personnel to operate more conveniently, special attention should be paid to reserve enough space around the machine when setup the machine. If the machine stands in line with other machines, there should be enough distance between each other.

Conditions of installing the machine
(1) Space requirements
Make sure that there is enough space between each machine and make sure that the operators have enough space to move when they are working so they will not get in the way. The auxiliary equipment should be placed properly so they will not hinder one another.
In order to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the machine, there should be enough space left between machine bases. Leave enough space for temperature controllers, coolers, conveyance belt, dryers and cranes, etc.
(2) Environment requirements
The machine should be installed indoors to avoid rain and sunshine so the service life of the machine can be guaranteed. It should be installed in the following environment.
Temperature: 0°C~50°C.
Relative humidity: 35%~90%.
Avoid too much dust, acid gas and erosive gas.
Avoid the direct sunshine because the surface temperature of the machine will be changed.
Equip good fans to discharge acid gas and erosive gas released during plasticizing.
(3) Preparation of water, compression air and power supply
Before the machine is delivered, please make sure the water and power supply are finished or the installation work will be hindered. The size and circuit of some parts of the machine may have discrepancies with the drawings so the outlay of the water and power supply should be able to accommodate this variation.