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Installation of the blow moulder

(1) Unloading and conveying the blow moulder 
Use proper conveyors according the weight of the machine. Please invite professional riggers to do the job. When unloading and conveying the machine, please pay attention to the followed issues.
Use lifters and conveyors with enough capacity to lift the machine (cranes, lifting devices, hooks, tightwire, etc.).
If the tightwire has contact with the machine components, please make sure to stuff a soft cushion or other soft objects between the tightwire and the component in order not to damage the component of the machine.
Note the stability and balance of the machine when the machine is being lifted;
Wood block or other cushion can be removed only after the machine is unloaded and conveyed completely.
(2) Visual inspection
The machine is easy to appear damage phenomenon during the shipment, therefore, carefully inspect the machine to see whether there is damage on the appearance of the machine. If there is, please contact the Business Department and the nearest local office of our company. If you lived abroad, contact our nearest local office or agent.

Blow Molding Machine B10D-560 (2 Stations 4 Cavities)
(3) Placement of the blow moulder
When placing the machine, in order to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the machine, please leave enough room in front of and behind the machine and on both sides of the machine. If the machine is aligned with other machines, there should be enough room between the two to facilitate the replacement of molds and placement of auxiliary equipment.
(4) Horizontal Adjustment
Please use a gradient to adjust after setting up the machine. The gradienter should be on the linear guide of the closing device and use adjustment bolt to adjust the chassis. The purpose of horizontal adjustment is to avoid a significant distortion in the machine and to extend the service life of the blow moulder.