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Hydraulic oil of the blow molding machine

The hydraulic system of the machine utilizes better valves with high frequency response, so it is featured by high speed, high efficiency and good stability. Therefore, the blow molding machine requires high on the cleanness of hydraulic oil (10μm). Here only the information on the simple analysis and introduction of the causes, hazards and preventive methods of hydraulic oil pollution are given, for detailed information, please refer to hydraulic oil Management Handbook for details.

blow molding machine

blow molding machine

Influences of the pollution on the hydraulic system and hydraulic oil.
The pollution here mainly refers to those come from moisture, air, other hydraulic oil and machinery particles, etc. The moisture causes the rustiness of parts, the hydrolysis of hydraulic oil, the emulsification of hydraulic oil and the loss of the lubrication function of hydraulic oil, causing the premature wear failures of parts. The air influences the nature of the lubricity and accelerates the oxidation of hydraulic oil. Others influences change the viscosity or the composition of hydraulic oil. The machinery particles accelerate the friction or abrasion of the movable surfaces and the oxidation of hydraulic oil, and consume the additives within hydraulic oil.