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How to Choose the Right Blow Molding Machine

If you want to make money from blow molding machines, first of all know how to choose the right blow molding machine?
1. Output: According to the production output requirements of the company, choose one machine with two parameters and one with four parameters, and buy them according to the parameters of the factory.
2. Whether it is hot filling or not: When hot drinks are filled, blow molding machine needs a heat-resistant blowing machine. This blow molding machine has special treatment for bottles to prevent deformation during filling.

3. Price: Price is important, but firmly believe that one, one price points, Bestar blow molding machine value for money.
4. After-sales service: In operation of the machine, it is inevitable that there will be some conditions,good after-sales service, strong ability to follow-up parts update.
5. Gas source:The blow molding machine needs to be used with a gas source because it is pneumatically powered. Air compressor and blowing machines are very important. They must meet each other to save the air pressure, or the excess waste of resources cannot achieve the goal of maximizing the energy efficiency ratio and saving costs. So this is also important.