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Green Energy Saving of The Bottle Blowing Machine
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Bottle blowing machine(blow molding machine),as a kind of plastic products production, spray the liquid plastic, use of machinery, equipment produced by the wind, will spit out the plastic blow to the specific properties of the cavity, cooling and formed to produce products, this method greatly improves the production efficiency.But we all know that raw materials are plastic bottle blowing machine, and it itself is at work consumes electricity.Star bear positive in terms of product innovation, in complete, on the basis of the basic function of bottle blowing machine, makes every effort to try to reduce the energy consumption and production of energy saving of bottle blowing machine.

Now let’s see Bestar of the energy saving of bottle blowing machine is how to achieve it!The realization of energy saving of bottle blowing machine has two parts, respectively is power and heating.Dynamic part of the main function is to produce wind, energy saving, it USES the frequency changer it will usually the surplus energy saving motor, through the change of the motor power, to the input power adjustment needed for the generator power, as the frequency conversion air conditioning air conditioning.Makes inverter of bottle blowing machine modification is many times higher than the rated current of the motor current, affect the service life of the motor in the long term.

Another part is heated, it is mainly used to heat the plastic become liquid, generally using electromagnetic heater to energy saving, electromagnetic heater by adding to raise the utilization rate of thermal insulation layer, and at the same time it can directly heating tube, reduce the heat loss because of the heat transfer, at the same time its heating speed, improve the production efficiency.Than the resistance of the old circle it save 30% to 70% of the electricity.

Bestar professionals to remind everyone must pay attention to the waste bottle cap after some plastic products made of recycled plastic granulator, suggest you choose in life less colorful plastic products, plastic bags, in particular, because these products are usually unknown origin, chemical components may cause harm to health.Must be alert to some illegal businessmen irresponsible behavior, when choosing a bottle blowing machine and plastic items, select qualified manufacturers and better product quality, and energy saving of choose and buy as far as possible the bottle blowing machine.

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