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Food packaging materials

In today’s rapid technological development, packaging materials and packaging technology, the date is no longer simple and intuitive things, but those who enter the functional packaging materials of various disciplines and technology development. Since ancient times, food packaging materials and pharmaceutical packaging materials to flourish, with the development of science and technology constantly updated and developed. Food packaging materials has been a continuous research, continuous exploration, continuous innovation and continuous improvement of hot topics.For food packaging materials must have appropriate barrier properties, such as oil and other food on the high oxygen and oil resistance requirements; dry food requirements of high moisture resistance; aromatic food requirements of high safety flavor; and fruit, fresh food also need to have a certain packaging Of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor permeability. In addition, food packaging materials should also have good tensile strength, tear resistance, impact resistance and other mechanical properties; good chemical stability and food should not be a chemical reaction to ensure food safety.In addition to higher temperatures, suitable for high temperature sterilization of food and low temperature storage. 1. Commonly used food packaging materials [1] Paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc. are usually used for food packaging materials. Paper packaging materials Modern packaging industry systems, paper and paper packaging containers occupy a very important position, accounting for 40% of all packaging materials, accounting for 50% of the total.Other materials, has a series of unique advantages: processing performance, printing performance, with a certain mechanical properties, easy to compound processing, walking well, health and safety, but also has a wide range, low cost, the formation of large – container light weight, good cushioning , Widely used, recyclable, no white pollution.


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With the people’s awareness of environmental protection and the practical needs of life, the development of plant fiber fast food boxes, natural green packaging materials research and development will serve as paper products, food packaging materials in the future development trend.In addition, with the rapid development of packaging technology, edible wrapping paper is an important development direction of modern food packaging. Such packaging has important environmental and economic value. At present, there are two kinds of edible paper, vegetables as the main raw material, after drying, vegetables; the other is starch, sugar, gelatin, add other food additives, and used in similar papermaking methods. From the application and development prospects, green vegetables as raw materials more development potential.Plastic packaging material It has a light weight, easy to use, barrier, permeability, heat resistance, good cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and the appearance of colorful, beautiful and so on. Because of its rich source of raw materials, low cost, excellent performance, is widely used in food packaging, and gradually replace the glass, metal, paper and other traditional packaging materials, the face of food packaging has undergone tremendous changes. It is noteworthy that, plastic packaging materials have outstanding shortcomings, difficult to degradation, combustion will produce toxic gases.Plastic packaging materials are the shortest type of cycle used in plastic products, usually from one month to three months. A year later, most of the city’s solid waste into the waste disposal system, some were discarded, resulting in \”white pollution.\” Plastic packaging materials, waste the largest proportion of its packaging materials caused by a variety of environmental pollution is the most serious. It is currently used for the recovery and development of degradable plastics.In addition, due to defects in the plastic product itself, the overall moisture resistance and barrier properties as metal and glass containers, so to improve the existing plastic properties, develop new varieties, improve strength and barrier properties, reduce the number and re-use, are Very important. Excellent performance of metal packaging materials: high barrier properties, excellent mechanical properties, container molding process is good, high and low temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance, surface decoration, packaging waste more easily recycled.Canned and some liquid, paste, powder or high-grade food, the use of such packaging materials. Commonly used metal packaging materials are tin and aluminum, are widely used in the manufacture of food and beverage packaging cans.