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Food and beverage packaging color how to design

Well-known brand design company Jiedeng design director Raymon once said: the color of beverage packaging design and color of the joint sense of response, described the use of beverage packaging design principles of color. In the era of the pursuit of individuality, the individual psychological symbol of the color in packaging design can not be neglected, which is the embodiment of the spiritual value of culture. In today’s large supermarkets, the dazzling array of beverage packaging often dazzled us, to make the goods in this many competitors in the Yingying out of its decorating design plays a role in color is very large, it can stimulate consumers Of subjective feelings.The sensory response of the color of the beverage packaging: the visual, olfactory, taste, tactile and auditory sensations that the consumer can produce, which the designer can use to enrich the information of the beverage packaging design. Beverage packaging design in the color of its appeal is quite large, requiring designers to use a new concept to express the characteristics of color, gives a refreshing feeling. Color design is to sell goods and services, in the promotion and cultural in one of the principles.First, the color of beverage packaging design Psychological Raymond design director Raymon once said: \”Color perception for our human beings and its important significance – it is the core of visual aesthetics, a profound impact on our emotional state.1] The color of beverage packaging, first with a head start to communicate elements, through the direct stimulation of the human eye, people’s emotions change, and make intuitive judgments of goods. This process will affect people’s buying behavior, especially in the same grade of goods. In the beverage packaging design, the overall tone of the change will show a different color expression. Orange Department of packaging gives a warm, warm, vibrant feeling. Green packaging gives a healthy, growing, quiet feeling.Light blue packaging gives a clean, refreshing feeling. These instructions when the color of people’s feelings mixed with complex thoughts and feelings and life experience, experience, the color will have a cultural meaning. However, different countries, different times, different cultural and historical backgrounds, as well as different experiences, different occupations, different age people, the color of emotional reflection is different. Therefore, the beverage packaging design in the accurate positioning of the color can not be ignored.If a certain brand of bottled beverage decoration designed for the whole body black tone, which for some young people means strength, mystery, elegance, superiority and wealth, but for more people will mean depression, sadness, fear, not Jie, death, ominous. These descriptions of the color produced by the color psychological and sensory impact on people’s life experience, but also with the spirit of the people’s main.The designer’s task is to give the color clear and accurate emotion, which is the most flexible packaging design one of the means of expression, while the creation and performance of color has become a manifestation of human values, \”by the material aroused and raised and was Spiritual reengineering, color can convey the essence of each thing, at the same time with a strong passion.

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[2] Second, the beverage packaging color of the sense of joint reaction refers to the sense of response when we touch a color, it will produce visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, touch of association feeling. How does the color of beverage packaging give auditory associations? Clean and transparent mineral water with lakes and mountains of beautiful pictures, people feel quiet environment occasionally from the distance came a few birds tweeted tweet, to convey the raw material source clean, natural, away from pollution information.Juice natural color coupled with high-purity color, people heard a group of children cheering. The light color of the tea drink itself with elegant colors, people feel harmonious and cordial conversation. Carbonated drinks with bright colors of the packaging people hear the sound of the sports field.In general, sweet taste suggestive is yellow, white, pink; acid is green; bitter is brown, gray, black; salty is blue, blue, brown. To see the orange, orange, orange, and then produce a sweet and sour taste with fruit. The white mineral water crystal clear, its packaging and then use some bright blue, cool feeling of a little sweet came out. Green packaging makes people cool, mellow feeling. Color contrast carbonated beverage packaging makes people feel a unique taste, a little bit of stimulation.Color touch to convey the feelings, including two aspects: First, the feeling of temperature, that is, hot and cold feeling; Second, the texture of the feeling. Under normal circumstances, warm colors give people the feeling of relatively coarse texture, high temperature; cool colors give people the feeling of fine texture, low temperature. Beverage packaging design in the emotional performance of color is largely dependent on the association of consumers and get.The color of this
Strong force can not be clearly explained by scientific theory, but it is quite obvious that everyone has personal experience.
Third, the color design principles of beverage packaging Color packaging design to extract the best color performance language, the formation of the most effective communication of beverage products. Protection of the promotion of commodity packaging is a fundamental principle. China’s definition of packaging is: in the circulation process to protect the product, facilitate storage and transportation, sales promotion, according to certain technical methods used in containers, materials and auxiliary materials such as the general term.The definition for packaging in the United Kingdom is that packaging is the artistic, scientific and technical preparation for the transportation and sale of goods. In contemporary society, large supermarkets are the same kind of commodity collection, in order to stand out among the many similar, we must first be able to stimulate people’s vision, causing the buyer’s attention. In the packaging design, the color of the transmission of the elements with the head start, on the distance effect, the color transmission is better than the graphic transmission and presentation, and thus a unique \”shelf impact\” in the silent marketing to become the most efficient visual communication of information .A good beverage packaging, cultural and spiritual value is precisely the reaction of vitality. Different consumer groups on the color preferences, sensitivity is different. Drinks involved in the age span of the crowd is relatively large, small to a few years old children, as big as forty or fifty years old people have its consumer groups. Different age groups of people in the cultural and spiritual requirements are not the same. Children have children’s cultural fields, \”Spider-Man\”, \”Altman\” and other cartoon characters image design, novel, unique, bright colors, health unique product quality is a place to attract children. Children most attention to the appearance of the product factors.Many beverage products are aimed at young people, such as: Pepsi, its philosophy is \”longing for unlimited\”, advocating young people’s positive attitude towards life, meaning for young people, opportunities and ideals have unlimited space, they You can enjoy reverie and pursuit. To meet this requirement, in the packaging design of Pepsi, the color of this strong, heat radiant, emphasizing the joy of free style. Juice drinks, the farmer’s orchard packaging image is relatively stable, moderate brightness, saturation of color, gives a real feeling.Its packaging in the spiritual and cultural aspects of the point of emphasis on leisure, relaxed, humorous taste, to convey the aesthetic taste of consumers belong to the spirit of the type of freedom of demand. Beverage packaging color design should be closely linked with the development of the times, with the changes in people’s aesthetic consciousness, those in line with people’s appreciation of habits and trends in packaging color is necessary. In this era of the pursuit of individuality, people to color as a symbol of individual psychology can not be ignored. Successful packaging design works always embodies the creativity of designers full of personality, it not only reflects the fashion of the times, but also reflects the designer of the individual consumer awareness, feelings and needs of a deep understanding.