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Features of Automatic Blow Molding Equipment

Features of Automatic Blow Molding Machine:
1. Automatic blow molding machine with individual section temperature control in each heating area; The position and spacing of the lamp and reflector in the heating area can be adjusted according to the different shapes and sizes of the bottle embryos to achieve the optimal warming effect.
2. The automatic blow molding equipment uses the constant pressure temperature regulation method to control the heating of the infrared lamp to the bottle embryo, to ensure that the bottle embryo heating is appropriate, accurate, and stable, and is not affected by the input voltage change.

3. Automatic blow moulding equipment according to different commodity needs can be matched for double-cavity double pull extended cylinder, three-chamber three-pull extended cylinder, four-chamber four-pull extended cylinder or six-chamber six-pull extended cylinder planning. The function can be individually conditioned to use a single cavity to stretch the cylinder to meet the different requirements such as tuning or testing.
4. Automatic blow molding equipment control system has automatic barrier reporting function. When there is an error or problem, the computer will appear and issue an alarm.
5. Blow molding machine mold replacement convenient and fast, in the corresponding machine within the mold tolerance without adjustment of the thickness of the mold.
6. Production process automation, can be combined with a number of machines to fully automatic production line.