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Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine Features

Bestar extrusion blow moulding machine company is specialized in producing high-speed,high-efficient multi layer multi cavitites extrusion blow moulding machine. Bestar Machinery is high quality manufacturer in China. The quality of extrusion blow moulding machine is reliable and the performance is stable.
The development of extrusion blow moulding machine is for the purpose of producing from 50ml to 30liter the industries scope are daily chemical,laundry detergent, lubricant, pharmaceutical pesticide, chemical stacking barrels, shaped engineering etc. and it is capable to be configurated with multiple die heads,multi layer especially suitable for massive production bottle with mutli layer such as EVOH,Nylon and up to 6 layers.


The Bestar extrusion blow moulding machine module is the core components of plastic molting part which adopts the German technology. The extrusion blow moulding machine extruders has improved output with grooved feed section and forced cooling method; barrel with ceramic heating ring with strong fan for cooling, thus ensuring the effective control of the temperature of each segment; the hardened gear box ensures long service life; the entire extrusion machine components are installed on the supporting platform, which is adjustable in order to suit for different die heads.
The features of extrusion blow moulding machine:
(1)Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine is suitable for producing PE, HDPE, PP, PVC so on, plastic containers and bottles in all shapes are available, the max. Product volume is up to 30L.
(2)Single station single die head design, very easy to operate and maintenance.
(3)Fully automatic process with low power consumption, high efficiency, quick and safe operation, easy for maintenance.
(5)Accumulation die head, MOOG parison controller equipped.
(6)Bottom blow technology make the product perfect.
(7)Auto lubricant system controlled by PLC.