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The electric control system of BESTAR Blow Molding Machine

The electric control system of SUZHOU BESTAR BLOW MOLDING MACHINERY CO.,LTD ., is PLC control with of frequency control. In the term of blow molding machine is called”digital control. PLC board transfer various signal by digital signal transmission.It has the primary function of the computer, also known as computer board. And ground material system is equipped with a frequency converter with a single motor. The input current inverter control motor to adjust the speed of the motor. General motor speed is directly proportional to the input current.The lower input current, the less speed.

Blow Molding Machine
BESTAR use ABB Switzerland as the electrical control system components, the characteristics of the blow molding machine electrical control system are as follows:
1. It can control the motor input current, but before the machine start to preset the speed, to achieve better energy saving effect.
2. PLC has the strong ability to scale.If you need to change, only to change in the PLC program, does not need increase a lot of extra parts.