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Domestic Blow Molding Machine–BESTAR Medicinal Bottle

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for medical bottles is growing. And the field pay more attention to the quality of packaging with aesthetics, which has a higher demand for blow molding machine manufacturers.Domestic blow molding machine transformation and upgrading has been imperative.
The quality of the blowing equipment determines the final molding effect of the plastic bottle, especially the sealing and so on. Domestic high-end blowing equipment is very scarce, and the high price of imported equipment has greatly increased the production costs of related enterprises.

Domestic Blow Molding Machine
The United States has always been a plastic machinery manufacturing giant, occupied the world market share of about 24%, followed by Germany and Japan. Although China has a large demand for medicinal plastic bottles, but the level of manufacturing, especially high-end blow molding machine production capacity is still relatively backward. However a blow molding machine manufacture ——- SUZHOU BESTAR BLOW MOLDING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is unique, they import German technology,machine is stable, high output, fast speed, is one of the few high-end blow molding machine manufacturing in domestic market.
The medicinal plastic bottle of SUZHOU BESTAR blow molding machine is light, high strength, not easy to break, good sealing performance, moisture, health, after blow molding the plastic bottles can be be used directly in the pharmaceutical packaging without cleaning and drying.