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The difference Between Automatic Blow Molding Machine and Semi-automatic Blowing Machine

For many new entrants to the plastic bottle industry, there is much to know and learn before you buy a blow molding machine, and you need to buy it according to your needs. The more expensive the flask, the better, but not necessarily.
What is the difference between a semi-automatic blow molding machine and a fully automatic bottle blowing machine?
Semi-automatic bottle blowers need to manually fly to the edge.

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Suzhou Bestar fully automatic plastic bottle blowing machine to achieve automation, directly out of the finished product, eliminating the middle to fly the edge of the artificial, saving labor. In the same energy consumption situation, energy conservation and efficiency. The product quality is good, the bottle mouth is flat. There will be no overflow after the cover, which improves the pass rate of the product.
If the customer product demand is small, just started to do this industry, it is recommended to choose a smaller type of blow molding machine. Bestar Machinery will send professional debugging workers to train in place from product ingredients to product molding and machine maintenance.
If you have a large demand for hollow plastic products, then go to the automatic blow molding machine, this equipment production efficiency, labor saving, will not be artificially poorly managed problems. A worker can look at multiple sets of equipment, reducing the intensity of work.