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Development and Application of Bestar Blow Molding Machine’s IML(PART ONE)

High-end blow molding machine of Suzhou BESTAR blow molding machinery co., LTD., can be equipped with IML(in-mold labeling). It is a kind of mould decoration technology. Put the label into a mould then it will be heated by the parison falled down from the heads to make the parison and label material communion, to decorate a molding production, without secondary processing.
As label forms of high efficiency, environmental protection on IML. It have been popular for many years in Europe and the United States. Especially in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry. It has become the mainstream of packaging technology.


Compared with the traditional technology, The IML of BESTAR blow moulding machine has many advantages. As the mould tags and plastic containers is the same type of plastic. Under mold temperatures they can fuse into a whole, have waterproof, prevent oil, mouldproof features, It is not easy to fall off in various harsh environment, and the trademark is more beautiful.
In addition, manufacturing of labeling system is very difficult., IML can reduce the possibility of fraud.It has become a reliable method of brand protection.
Some people thinks, as part of the product, mould molding plastic tags can improve the stiffness and strength of products.The use of lightweight containers within the IML, can save 20% of the cost of resin.
And when the label material and container material is the same time, BESTAR on IML technology of material recycling performance is obviously better than that of using paper labels. Not only can realize one-time recovery, but also the ink used to print the design can be dissolved, It will not cause pollution to the environment.
This has become the main reason why so many food packaging companies choose Bestar IML when the time BESTAR enter the market.