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Design of High Speed Forming of Blow Molding Machine Structure

Design of High Speed Forming of Blow Molding Machine Structure:
1. Blow molding machine transmission structure: a unique transmission structure of the core of the bottle billet, heating to ensure that there is no risk of reversing the billet.
2. Flask blowing machine high-speed operation mode locking structure: The arc of the invention patent of independent intellectual property is a mode locking structure, a special mode locking supercharging system, high-speed operation stability without noise.
3. Blow molding machine hot filling bottle molding structure: When blowing hot filling bottle, a three-way circular special design distributor is used to evenly distribute the different requirements of water/oil temperature to different parts of the mold, so that the crystal degree of the bottle reaches the best results.
4. Lightweight energy saving blowing bottle system: the use of cold and hot air double combination on the bottle mouth and drive coiling cooling, to achieve the best cooling method. The air introduction device is used in the heating box to overcome air convection, ensure the equilibrium of the heating temperature of the bottle billet, and prevent the surface of the bottle billet from overheating.

5. Energy-saving sealing machine blowing valve: control valve without piping connection, compact structure, simple adjustment and maintenance, high and low pressure gas consumption is reasonable, to achieve the best energy consumption control.
6. Simple and reliable manipulator: cam connecting rod type and bottle picker, simple, coordination excellent, low manufacturing costs.Closed-loop temperature control method; Temperature feedback recovery compensation of bottle embryo; To reach the stable state of bottle embryo heating quickly.
7. Clean and safe molding design: the blow moulding machine adopts a completely closed structure to ensure a clean molding environment, eliminates the outside world’s pollution of the molding bottle, and ensures the cleanliness of the medical large infusion bottle. Perfect reliable security door system, ensure the safety of operators and the long-term operation stability of the flask.