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Daily Maintenance Specifications for Blow Molding Machines

Plastic products are increasingly welcomed by manufacturers. Nowadays, products of this kind in the market are also widely available, such as in the beverage industry and pure water industry. Good products depend on good production equipment, and an excellent plastic blow molding machine, not only the production process is good, but also the quality of the operators must be quite high. There must be some knowledge of use and maintenance in production. However, in the actual production, the company’s training on mechanical maintenance is not very comprehensive, here are some suggestions for the maintenance of the blow molding machine.

Blow Molding Machines

1. Before going to work, check the blow molding machine to see if there is a need to add lubricant.
2. Before the start of production, check whether the various parts of the machine are secure. If the parts are found to be loose, they should be reinforced in time. Prevent adverse consequences.
3. Check if the power, air pressure, water, etc. of the machine are normal before starting the machine.
4. Check the relevant safety measures at the beginning of the blow molding machine, such as checking whether the grating, emergency stop, etc. are normal.
5. Check whether the lamp and lighting device related to the equipment are normal, and if there is any damage, replace it in time.
6. Check the equipment related equipment for leaks or water leakage.
7. Before the machine works, clean the machine first, and clean and maintain the mold at the beginning and end of work.
8. The blow molding machine starts to run for half an hour. After running for a period of time, if there is no problem, then officially enter the production.