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Daily Maintenance Of The Article Gripper

The article gripper of Suzhou Bestar blow molding technology co., LTD can imitate human’s hands and arms’ movements to catch and move objeccts.It can replace human labor to realize mechanization and automation .It can protect people from bad environment and widely used in machinery manufacturing.
Bestar article grippers’ advantages are as follows: when off power it can be automatically get back, flexible action, small motion inertia and so on.,it can grab object near the base items and work through the barrier and body.
Bestar article gripper move forward and backword everday.,The speed is very fast. Loose wire connection and relay loose will cause the phenomenon, such as poor contact circuit lines.It will cause electronic crash and burn out . So it is very important to keep daily maintenance.

Blow Moulding MachineBestar Star article gripper monthly maintenance:
1,Check whether synchronous belt elasticity appropriate;
2,Adjust the running speed of each action;
3,Check whether the pressure sensor is normal
4,Test whether the circular switch is normal
5,Manipulator and bottle blow molding machine interlock is normal.
6,Check whether there is any lock on all moving parts of the bolt is loose;
7,Check whether the pipeline is broken or tight;
8,Clean the oil and dust on the gripper
9,Clean up oil and dust on the manipulator slide and slide block ,add lubricating oil;
10,Check the internal electric control: cleaning the dust, check plug terminal blocks, relays, circuit boards, check if there’s any loose for the electronic components on the loose.