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Daily Maintenance of Bestar Blow Molding Machine

Bestar blow molding machine needs daily maintenance, regularly cleaning of the extruder barrel, screw, die assembly and mold, lubrication of moving parts, carefully maintenance of machinery, keep raw materials clean and workplace clean, contribute to the long-term normal operation of the blow molding machine.
Daily Maintenance of Bestar Blow Molding Machine:
(1) Whether the clamping device is normal and reliable.
(2) Check whether the heating ring (heating plate) is firmly fixed and whether the wiring is short circuited.
(3) Check the leakage of oil pump, piping and valve.
(4) Check the tank level.
(5) Check the flow of cooling water and mould coolant.
(6) Check whether there are abnormal noises in oil pumps, piping and valves.

(7) Check the oil temperature, the blow molding equipment began to run a few hours after the temperature of hydraulic oil is generally in the range of 35-50 degrees Celsius. The oil temperature must exceed 60 C and must be shut down for cooling.
(8) Check whether the system pressure is normal.
(9) Check whether there is leakage phenomenon in extruder assembly, shunt plate assembly and die head.
(10) Check whether the guide rod of the closed cutter assembly is worn, whether the gap between the front cutter and the rear cutter is suitable, and whether the cooling effect of the cutter is suitable.
(11) Check whether there is any problem in pneumatic system.
(12) Whether the lubrication system of the inspection center is sufficient for the lubrication of each moving element.
(13) Check whether the safety limit switch is in good condition and trigger normally, if abnormal, it can not turn on.
(14) Check the main oil circuit on-off valve and spool feedback input whether trigger normal, such as abnormal can not start.