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Connection of power supply

Due to different countries and regions with different power supply systems, before connecting the power supply, please be sure to strictly check if the power supply system of total power, line voltage, phase voltage and frequency are suitable to the blow molding machine.
After the blow molding machine is installed and fixed, please check if the components and wires of the electric unit in the power distribution box of the machine are loosened or damaged in transportation. If there are, please repair them and then check them again. When making sure that everything is ok, the power supply can be connected. Install a proper fuse-free switch as the power switch.

blow molding machine

blow molding machine

1)Before connecting the machine to the power supply, please make sure that the power supply is shut down.
2)Connect the cable to a three-phase power supply terminal.
3)Each machine should be earthed separately.
4)In order to make control system work well, please don’t let it share a power supply with other machines such as high frequency machines because the mixed wave produced by these machines will interfere the computer.