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Connection of air supply

Operation preparation
Cleaning the blow molding machine
1、The uncoated components of the equipment, before delivering, are sprayed with anti-rust paint. The paint can be removed with gasoline or kerosene. Please don’t use thinner. Please pay attention to fire. Please don’t let flame approach the machine.

blow molding machine

blow molding machine

2、Dust and dirt on chromeplated parts (for example: tiebars, guide bars and guide bush), and all the piston rods of oil tank should be removed carefully to avoid damaging the quality of sealing components and the chromeplated surface. Smear a thin layer of lubricant on it after cleaning.
3、After the blow molding machine is cleaned, please make sure that there is no tool or rag left on the machine.
4、Please keep enough space around the machine. After filling the hydraulic oil or lubricants oil, please clean the leaking oil as soon as possible. Before operating the machine, please clean all the sundries on the surface or near the barrel in case of fire.