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Connection of cooling water pipes

(1) There are five main places using cooling water. Please check if there is cooling water flowing in these places.

The hopper base

Avoid excessive high temperature in the hopper base causing “protrusion to the door”. The cooling water can help feeding more smooth.Blow pin

Accelerate the cooling and shape of products’ mouth and improve the production efficiency.

The mold

Control the temperature of the mold to fasten the molding of the products and ensure the quality of the products.

Hydraulic oil

Slow down the temperature rising of the hydraulic oil to improve the efficiency of the hydraulic system and lengthen the service life of the hydraulic system, making sure the safety of the hydraulic system.

Wall thickness adjusting cylinder

Because the oil cylinder for the wall thickness adjustment is fixed on the die head, so much more heat transferred up during the production. In order to ensure that wall thickness adjustment cylinder do not overheat and not affect the parison wall thickness control, generally a cooling plate is installed under the wall thickness control cylinder.

Note: The cooling water of the oil cooler should be provided before the machine starts working.

 (2) When the work of the blow molding machine machine finishes, please stop providing cooling water and drain the cooling water. In areas whose winter is biting cold, cooling water should keep circulating under low pressure when the machine is shut down(if the cooling water freezes, please drain the cooling water and then use compressed air to drain the remaining water so as to prevent the oil cooler and other equipment from being damaged).

(3) Please select soft water (mineral-free) as cooling water. In general, the water from wells contains a lot of mineral. Please equip a filter and clean the cooling water pipes and cooling tower often to avoid sediments which can reduce the cooling efficiency.