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Commodity packaging bottle design which new elements

Product types continue to increase, while product packaging design more and more with the times, many tricks. But now many of the packaging of goods has been high-grade, so that consumers are not satisfied, or even bored, so a direct impact on the sales of goods. The current brutal competition in the market conditions, can not be said to be a curb to the business or manufacturers.Naturally, also affect the business or manufacturers of economic benefits. This is mainly the product packaging design staff of the basic quality and design level do not go, leading to the taste of packaging design do not increase. The packaging design grade is mainly packaging design skills to grasp, if the skills to grasp, and there is no grade up and do not go up the problem.If your product is a transparent liquid, installed in a transparent bottle, then there is a way to give you more packaging design space, and the cost is very low. What I mean is that you can print some content on the back of the label . Of course, conventional information can not be placed on the back of the label, but you can print something like a debate, a story about the company, or suggestions for better use of the product. This is a very simple way to give your Customers more information without compromising the packaging’s image.Design of reusable packaging The small beverage market is mature and highly competitive. If you think there is nothing new here, then you may be wrong. A foreign tea company will launch a special packaging. It introduces the product itself is very special – adding pomegranate juice tea. Packaging is worth mentioning. The beverage is contained in a commonly used long-shaped glass bottle with a lid and heat-shrinkable label, which reads: Remove the label and leave the bottle.The product is about $ 2.79 a bottle, for bottled tea is not expensive, but you can get a free glass bottle, do not worry about recycling problems. The packaging design interesting. Interesting packaging is not just a child’s patent, adults also like interesting things. Take the mainstream packaging design of children’s products, such as bright colors, different shapes, the same can be used in adult product packaging design, as long as some of the fine can be. First in the packaging design into the \”fun\” elements of the industry is the liquor industry.As long as you take the time to visit the local small shops, you can find many bottles of labels printed above the horse, penguins, kangaroos, frogs, swans and so on. Do not prepare a penguin-shaped bottle, as long as the above printed a penguin is enough to make it compelling. Designed for the customer base Packaging Unilever AXE series of packaging products have a very clear positioning – the age of 18 to 35 years old between young people.So their packaging design is focused on attracting these people. This series of bottles is a thick molded black plastic container, the appearance of rough, popular with these young people welcome to use it to install the shower gel is as simple as installing lubricants. Star Bell machinery for the shower gel bottle blowing machine, shampoo bottle blow molding machine, providing a reliable equipment support.