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Chewing gum bottle blow molding machine
Chewing gum bottle blow molding machine

Chewing gum bottle blow molding machine product details:

Injection Chewing gum bottle blow molding machine are molded from raw materials to finished products in one step; with a high degree of automation, no need of manual secondary processing; labor saving, hygienic and in line with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical packaging;It is especially suitable for the production of pharmaceutical bottles, juice, beverage; milk bottles and cosmetic bottles and other industries with higher bottle requirements.

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The product made by injection blow molding machine has no splicing, high strength at the bottom, uniform wall thickness and high precision of mouth size; There is no corner scrap or flash, and the seam line of the product can hardly be seen;Injection blow molding machine suitable for making large quantities of 5ml to 1L small plastic bottles, such as cosmetics, daily necessities, medicine and food packaging bottles.


Excellent plasticizing unit.

Bridge clamping unit for synchronism mould open/close, cycle time less

Servo system can save 35 to 40% energy compared to normal system

Servo rotary, precise, long using time, easy maintenance, save energy.

Optional injection with all-electric way, replacing hydraulic way * CE certificate

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