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Cause of Seal Leakage of Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Cause of Seal Leakage of Automatic Blow Molding Machine:

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1. Seal cylinder pressure enough, if the choice of low-pressure seal cylinder, low-pressure pressure can be maintained below 8 kg, the general water bottle is no problem. But also to see the high pressure blowing pressure, if the high pressure blowing pressure is too high, the seal cylinder will be downward pressure, if the low pressure can also be blown into a bottle to try to reduce the high pressure pressure, or high pressure, clamping pressure will be too small if the mold will be pulled open, will also lead to sealing leakage, can automatically lock the mold pressure increased.

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2. If the sealing glue is damaged, or if the seal is closed, it will leak if it deviates from the seal.
3. Seal cylinder block or seal damage, if the seal damage can be directly reflected, open the seal cylinder solenoid valve will know.
4. Seal cylinder solenoid valve whether or not air leakage or stuck or exhaust is not smooth, these are also affecting the seal cylinder air leakage reasons.