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Bottle blowing machine market is fully into the era of automation, with the downstream

Bottle blowing machine market is fully into the era of automation, as the downstream market transformation and upgrading as well as the labor cost is higher and higher. Automation, integration of bottle blowing machines became the first selection of many manufacturers.Forcing bottle blowing vendors would also began to try to give up the traditional product type, main automatic bottle blowing machine market.But is different from other products, production of automatic bottle blowing machine for manufacturers need to have a strong research and development strength, need to have more experience. This makes some small bottle blowing vendors would appear. Although the automatic bottle blowing machine is the trend of the market. Small make up, however, said the simple semi-automatic and bottle blowing machine market will still have a certain market space. Whether it’s domestic or export. Because there are a lot of small mill type of enterprises on the one hand, they are hard to use budget automatic bottle blowing machine, because it needs to have a high capital investment. Is on the other hand, even if the manufacturer to introduce automatic bottle blowing machine, other auxiliary equipment are finding it hard to form a complete set. We hope that the current according to the strength of the smaller bottle blowing vendors would still ?

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