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Bottle blowing machine maintenance and maintenance method

Blow molding technology is during the second world war, began to used in the production of small bottle. The birth of the late 50 s, with the high density polyethylene and the development of the blow molding machine, blow molding technology has been widely applied. The volume of the hollow container can amount to thousands of liters, now production has been adopted computer control. Suitable for blow molding of plastics such as polyethylene, PVC, and polypropylene, polyester, the income of empty container are widely used in industrial packaging containers, according to the methods of making parison, blow molding, blow molding can be divided into the extrusion blow molding and injection of new developed multi-layer blow molding and stretch blow molding, then bottle blowing machines, also began its journey. Bottle blowing machine has now become more popular, but many manufacturers don’t pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance, the following is the bottle blowing machine and maintenance: