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Bottle blowing machine (blow molding machine) is introduced and characteristics

Blow molding machine is out from the extruder, is still in a state of softening tube thermal plastic plastic blank into the forming die, and then into the compressed air, use air pressure to make along the cavity deformation, blow to make mouth, short neck insulating products.

Blow molding machine is widely used for the production of various kinds of thin shell type hollow products, chemical and cosmetic packaging containers, as well as children’s toys and so on.

Blow molding machine (blow molding) is with the aid of gas pressure in the closed in the mold hot melt parison swell form hollow products method, is the third most common plastic processing methods, as well as rapid development of a plastic molding method.

The characteristics:
Blow molding machine with only female die mould ,compared with injection molding, equipment with low cost, strong adaptability, can be good molding performance (such as low stress), can be formed with complicated curve (shape) of products.Blow moulding originated in the 1830 s.Until 1979 years later, blow molding to enter the stage with wide range of application.This one phase, plastic blow molding grade include: polyolefin, engineering plastics and elastomers;Blow molding products application involves auto, office equipment, household appliances, medical, etc;It can produce 60000 bottles per hour can create large blow molding pieces (180 kg), multi-layer blow molding technology got greater development;Blow molding equipment has closed loop control system by microcomputer, solid state electronics, computer CAE/CAM technology is increasingly mature;A more professional and blow molding machinery, more features.