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Blow moulder operation of electrical devices

Blow moulder operation of electrical devices
Please remember at any time that no matter whatever failure occurs, presses the Emergency Stop Button first. If necessary, please power off the power switch.
Before operating the machine, please make sure the door of the power distribution box keeps closed.
When electrical failure, such as: the fuse has blown, the switch bounces, occurs, please contact professional maintainers to handle it.
When the work is done or sudden blackout occurs, in order to ensure the safety and protect the electrical devices, please shut down the power switch.
If you are not a specialist, please don’t touch any electric part (power distribution box, motors, or heating rings, etc.) to avoid electric shock.

Blow moulder maintenance and operations
Before maintenance, please shut down the power switch. Put a plate reading “No Powering On” in an outstanding place near the power switch.
Check the safety devices regularly. If the action of the safety devices is unstable or they don’t act at all, please repair them immediately.
Tools, after using it, should be put back to where they should be put. Don’t leave them on the machine.