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Blow moulder hydraulic pressure operations

To avoid fire, please don’t let flames approach the oil pressure devices.
Don’t let the oil pressure of the oil pressure devices exceed the set value. If the oil pressure is too high, dangers, such as: oil pressure device failure, high pressure oil pipe rupture, oil leakage, etc. may occur.
Before starting the equipment, please check if the oil in the oil tank is adequate. The oil level should surpass the middle of the oil-level gauge.
When the temperature of the hydraulic oil is under 15°C or above 60°C, please don’t run the equipment. When the temperature is under 0°C, don’t start hydraulic pump. In general, the working temperature of the hydraulic oil is 40°C~60°C;

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Don’t press the leaking places on the oil pipes or flanges with your hands because high hydraulic oil can be very dangerous. In case of oil leaking, please stop the oil pressure pump immediately and amend the leaking places quickly. If the high hydraulic oil pipe is leaking, the leak can be enlarged in a flash. However, if the low hydraulic oil pipe is leaking, there is air coming into the oil pipe, which will reduce the performance of the blow moulder machine.