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Blow molding method resolution of hollow blow molding machine

Stay in two-step blow molding, blow molding materials in blow molding machine type WLK consolidated uniaxial by blow molding into 40 mm range of particles, and then use the NZ follow-up times in blow molding machine were blowing as about 3 ~ 10 mm at the end of the grain, which is especially for information about pre blow molding of secondary blowing describe.
In order to prevent blow molding machine appear problem, need to continue to be proper feeding crusher, and these requirements through manual operation is usually difficult to ensure. Once feed excess, generally causes uneven blow molding, seizures, and with a high noise of the attack, the results is that material accumulation or are damaged material weaken its heat because of the conflict. In addition, information about trouble sex of higher sensitivity, as well as the formation of frequent replacement blades ?

Compared to the two footwork blow molding can make the blow molding machine after charging, hopper has played a buffer effect here. In this way the feeding optimize the production process of a complete set of meaning is serious, because the operators don’t don’t continuously operating blow molding machine, and then to busy with other work.
After a stop switch between manipulation, blow molding of particles are now being added to the NZ extremely well in the secondary type blow molding machine. Put two blow molding machine can be selected as the one above another, or one after another. Secondary blow molding machine on the basis of the cutting machine operation principle of operation, and specially designed for particles in the process of the blow molding. Compared with the general type of blow molding machine, the second generation of blow molding machine has a much smaller volume, using less machine can drive