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Blow Molding Method Analysis of Hollow Blow Molding Machine

In order to prevent blow molding machine defects, the need to crusher continue to appropriate feeding, and these requirements through manual operation is generally difficult to ensure. Once the overfeeding, will generally lead to uneven blow, the onset of shaking, and accompanied by a high standard noise attack, the result is the material accumulation or is being damaged because of conflict with the material caused by the weakening of its heat. In addition, the higher sensitivity to disturbing data, and the generally higher blade wear that results in frequent replacement blades, remains to be seen.

Hollow blow molding machine

In contrast, the two-step blow molding enables the main blow molding machine to be fed in a non-sequential manner, where the hopper acts as a buffer. The optimization of the entire production process in this way of feeding is of great importance because the operators do not have to operate the blow molding machine discontinuously and then be able to do any other work.