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Blow Molding Machinery and Equipment

Blow molding machines are equipments with high temperature, high pressure and great clamping and unclamping force. When operating or maintaining the equipments, please avoid any incidents all the time and protect the machine to ensure a smooth production.

Blow Molding Machinery
Blow Molding Machinery and Equipment daily check and maintenance:
(1)If the clamping linear position sensor is sensitive and reliable.
(2)Check the heating part to see if the fixation is firm, if there is short circuit.
(3)Check the oil pump and pipe of the motor is leaking.
(4)Check the oil level in the oil tank.
(5)Check the circulation of the cooling water.
(6)Check if there is strange noise in the oil pump and pipe of the motor
(7)Check the oil temperature. Several hours after the machine starts running, the oil temperature ranges from 30℃-50℃. If the oil temperature exceeds 60℃, please stop the machine and cool it down.
(8)Check if the system pressure is normal.
(9)Check the oil amount of the central lubrication system. If necessary, please fill lubricant.
Check if there is trouble in the safety light screen of the clamping area (refer to the user’s manual for details). In case there is, please don’t start the machine. Only when everything is OK, the machine can be used.