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Blow Molding Machine Troubleshooting Tips

Blow molding machine is the crystallization of mechanical, electronic control, and hydraulic integration. The electrical is complex, the oil pressure lines are crossed, and the controllers are varied. The fault phenomenon is also unique and different. There are thousands of components in a large blow molding machine,if one of the components is malfunctioning, it will cause abnormal phenomena in the blow molding machine. There will also be problems with the connection of the wire, a little negligence, and a large bottle blowing machine. Large size, Under the condition of no thermostatic flask workshop, the environmental effects can easily cause failure. For this reason, the problem of imported bottle blowers “difficult to repair” is in front of us.

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How can we quickly find faults and hidden dangers and eliminate them in a timely manner? I think first of all should have a high degree of responsibility; Second, we must strive to master numerical control hydraulic technology. The practice of repairing bottle blowers for many years is that we must see more, ask more, remember more, think more and practice more, and gradually improve our technical standards and maintenance capabilities in order to adapt to various more complex situations. Solve difficult problems and fix the bottle blower.
1. Look more at the electronic circuit data of the blow molding machine.
2. To look more at the electric picture of the blow moulding machine, digesting the electric picture of the blowing bottle machine.
3. Look at the hydraulic diagram of the blow molding equipment and digest it deeply.