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Blow molding machine operation

blow molding machine operation

  • When operating the machine, please don’t put coins and something like that in your pocket, which will easily fall into the machine.
  • Please don’t climb the machine when it is running.
  • Please wear gloves and protection tools when working in the high temperature parts of the machine.
  • High temperature parts cover barrel component, extrusion head component, mold heating component, molded products.
  • Don’t stand on the barrel when feeding material into the hopper or repairing the machine.
  • Don’t put materials and other strange objects into the hopper together, which will damage the machine.
  • When disassembling screws, please clean up the resin in the barrel and then use a rod to eject the screw. Please wear gloves and protection glasses when operating.
  • Please pay attention to the danger and warning plates on the equipment in the process of operating.