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Blow molding machine operation

Determine initially the heating temperature at various zones according to the molding process of the plastic used. Then adjust the temperature to the best according to the actual conditions of the injected parisons.
According to the actual conditions and the effect of the injected parisons, set the pressure and flow of the plasticizing oil motor at the process of the plasticization, the pressure and flow at the process of injection, the back pressure in the process of plasticization; and the pressure and flow in the process of clamping and unclamping the die.
The above adjustments are for achieving comprehensive results, such as: the best effect of plasticizing and injected parisons, automatic overload protection and the shortest working hours, etc.
Adjust the adjustment screws around the die (its mouth) to get vertical and even injected parisons.

blow molding machine

blow molding machine

Adjust the opening degree of the die in order to adjust the thickness of the injected parisons. Note that the openness degree of the die depends on the mechanical limit of this part.
Time adjustment. The set time of each action is two seconds longer than the actual duration of the action; the setting standard of the pre-clamping time is after the process of pre-clamping, the outer diameter of injected parison right passes left and right half of the mold; the time setting standard of blow once and repeat blow is that the product can be molded but the least time is used; the time setting standard of exhaust is the remaining pressure in the product can be completely released but the least time is used.
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